Our Products & Services

Our Products & Services

We are grass-fed sheep milk specialists, and we believe we have the best milk in the world. Everything we produce, from our own brands to our customer’s Private Label brands or bulk ingredients, is made from grass-fed sheep milk, 100% produced in New Zealand.

Become a distributor for our brands

We produce our own premium branded products under our flagship brands Spring Sheep New Zealand® (Adult & Family Nutrition) and Gentle Sheep® (Infant Nutrition). If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please get in touch with us.

Become a distributor

Purchase bulk ingredients for your own manufacturing

We produce premium bulk sheep whole milk powder and nutritional bases for infants, seniors and family health products.

Private label capabilities and services

Would you like us to make sheep milk nutrition products for you? We have a highly experienced in-house team of formulators, food scientists, food safety and quality assurance staff as well as market access experts with a strong track record of successfully navigating some of the most complex regulatory environments in the world.

Sheep milk applications

Our milk comes from the Zealandia® sheep breed (arguably the highest performing sheep dairy breed in the world) and our team of dedicated, professional farmers throughout the North Island of New Zealand.


Infant nutrition

We know that breast milk is best for infants and provides the optimal balance of nutrition and protection during growth and development, but when this is unfortunately not possible the only suitable and safe alternative is a scientifically developed infant formula.



Sheep milk is consumed not only because its superior nutritional value, but also because people just fall in love with the taste. Sheep milk is similar in taste to cow’s milk, but is richer, creamier and naturally sweeter. And it’s different to goat milk in that it doesn’t have a strong aroma and no salty or gamey flavour. We supply New Zealand grass-fed sheep milk, sheep cream, sheep butter, sheep curd and sheep cheese.


Senior Nutrition

As adults age, many start losing their bone strength and muscle mass and strength due to inadequate nutrition and reduced exercise. Sheep milk’s unique composition of protein, calcium and fat molecules can help meet these challenges to reduce inadequate nutrition for the elderly.

Become a distributor

We make a range of sheep milk-based products that are nutritious and delicious. Every one of our products is designed to preserve the inherent natural goodness of sheep milk and expertly formulated to deliver a delicious taste and increased nutrition to everyone who enjoys them.

Spring Sheep is the largest sheep milking group in the Southern Hemisphere, producing products made with sheep milk sourced from its own group of farmers and exclusive Zealandia® dairy sheep breed.

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