Our Farms

Our Farms

The gentlest milk comes from here

Our milk comes from dedicated and professionally-run farms in New Zealand's Central North Island where our high-quality, grass-fed sheep milk is produced batch-fresh and crafted with care. The region's clean air, high sunshine hours, and good rainfall means bountiful, pure fresh water and an abundance of grass. Our lush pastures are naturally rich in red and white clover, a key ingredient in raising healthy milking sheep.

World-class sheep dairy expertise

Spring Sheep has New Zealand’s leading farming team in sheep milking, who have won multiple awards and significantly contributed to the growth of New Zealand's sheep milking industry.

Our sheep milk

Grass-fed advantage

Grass-fed sheep milk is it is one of the most nutritious milks available and is also proven to taste better than regular (grain-fed) sheep milk.

Lower environmental impact

Sheep milking is more environmentally sustainable than conventional dairying, with 30-50% lower impact on the land.

Progressive animal welfare

Our grass-fed sheep enjoy fresh New Zealand air, advanced nutrition, quality shelter on our hybrid farms, and the very best veterinary support.

Our commitment to quality and safety


Product Traceability

We are obsessed with quality and safety and it’s something we’ll never compromise on. We work hard to ensure the integrity of our fully controlled end-to-end supply chain with a product traceability programme in place.


Quality Testing

New Zealand has some of the highest nutritional and food safety standards in the world. Our professionally-run farms are operated under a Government-certified risk management programme, with rigorous independent monitoring and quality testing undertaken throughout the process from farm to end product.

Our unique process

World-leading milking equipment, data collection and industry-leading milk cooling for superior quality. We implement the highest quality standards every step of the way.

New Zealand Government Supported Research & Development Programme

Spring Sheep has a long history of Partnership with the New Zealand Government agency Ministry of Primary Industries. Together we have invested in industry-leading Research and Development focusing on the entire value chain.

Spring Sheep is the largest sheep milking group in the Southern Hemisphere, producing products made with sheep milk sourced from its own group of farmers and exclusive Zealandia® dairy sheep breed.

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